Release Notes 11/09/2022
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  • A 'Currency' column has been added to the order exports within the Insights > Import / Export data page. This will now allow you to view the currency of the order.

  • When refunding an order, the 'stop shipping' option is now defaulted to NO, previously this was defaulted to YES.

  • The 'Bill by Relative Date' billing model has been updated to allow you to define what the relative date is based off of. The options for this are: 'Based off of start of trial' and 'Based off of end of trial'. A 'trial_setting' parameter has also been added to the API v2 billing models method to support this as well.

  • An 'is_backorder' parameter has been added to the API 'order_view' response to indicate if the order is on backorder or not. This would apply in cases where an order cannot be fulfilled due to low inventory.


  • An issue was reported regarding the Dlocal payment gateway not accepting all partial refunds. This has been fixed.

  • In some cases not all customer information was being passed to Wix payment gateway for order requests. This has been corrected.

  • If the product name contained a '+', we were replacing that with a space in the response for the API order_view method. This has been adjusted.

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