Release Notes 11/02/2022
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  • In some cases, the requests to Avalara were missing the shipping amount during the refund process. This has been fixed.

  • The API 'product_index' method had a discrepancy where the 'subscription_type' for all products was appended in the first product, while the rest of the products did not display any 'subscription_type' data. This has been corrected.

  • An issue was reported regarding the shipping charge being dropped on the rebill. This has been adjusted and is now working properly.

  • Some clients were seeing the 'Cannot Process Order' error on the Place Order page when attempting to place an order. This has been resolved.

  • The order history note "This order processed through parent order gateway (X) because of the SMC NOCOF 57 is Off" was causing confusion. To eliminate confusion, this note has been changed to "This order processed through parent order gateway (X) due to keep parent order gateway setting enabled"

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