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The following article will guide you through the process of configuring curated bundles with sticky.io for Salesforce Commerce Cloud

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Introduction to Curated Product Bundles

Today's consumers crave excitement, novelty and value from their online buying experiences. They seek businesses that give them the best of both worlds - changes to discover new products while also providing ways to save time and money.

Curated product bundles are a way to create can't-miss product offers that entice and delight your customers while driving meaningful value for your business and its stakeholders. Driving purchases for product bundles will boost your average order value and contribute incremental revenue to your business.

Product bundles can be sold as one-time purchases or subscription offers with virtually unlimited options for product and discounting combinations.

The following article will guide you through the process of configuring curated product bundles on your Salesforce Commerce Cloud storefront.

Without further ado, let's begin!

How to Configure Curated Product Bundles

Configuring a Foundational Product for the Bundle

Start by logging in to your Salesforce Commerce Cloud Business Manager. From here, select the storefront of interest.

Open the Merchant Tools dropdown menu and within the Products and Catalogs section, navigate to Products.

Begin by configuring a foundational product for the bundle. This is the product from which the name, description and price point will be pulled. Click New to build this new product.

Fill in the appropriate fields to complete the product setup.

Before moving on, the following criteria are necessary for the bundle to be available for purchase on the storefront:

  • The foundational product needs to be linked to a catalog

  • The foundational product needs to have pricing applied and be connected to a price book

  • The foundational product needs to have inventory

  • The foundational product needs to be searchable

  • The foundational product needs to be assigned to an appropriate product category

  • The foundational product needs to be toggled to "online"

  • The foundational product needs to be ready to sell

Configuring the Product Bundle

Next, navigate to the Bundles tab. From here, you will be able to add products to your bundle and define the quantities for each. Start by clicking New.

To add products, use the search function and select individual products using the on-screen checkboxes.

Once satisfied, click OK to return to the Bundles view.

Here, you will see all of your selected products. Click Apply to preserve your selections.

Finally, click Unlock to release the product for viewing on the storefront.

Once the bundle is configured and all of the above-stated criteria are met for the foundational product, the bundle will be available for viewing on the storefront and available for purchase.

Previewing the Consumer Experience

Below is an example product bundle visible on the storefront.

Consumers cannot choose products within the context of the bundle and product bundles can only be purchased as configured by the merchant.

Please note - The products within the bundle cannot be swapped by the consumer, but the consumer can swap the bundle itself as a SKU. For more information on configuring product swapping for your storefront, please reference this article.

Helpful Salesforce Commerce Cloud Documentation

For more information on adding and editing products, please review the following documentation articles from Salesforce Commerce Cloud.

Congratulations! You're now an expert on building curated product bundles using the sticky.io Cartridge for Salesforce Commerce Cloud.

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