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Release Notes 08/10/2022
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  • The Inovio payment gateway integration has been updated to reflect their newest decline codes.

  • Our eMerchant Pay integration has been updated to reflect their newest API. Delay Capture is now a supported feature for this gateway.


  • We were seeing intermittent 404 errors when attempting to stop subscriptions using the API. This is now working properly.

  • When sending updated payment information to Acquired payment gateway we were sending the 'currency_code_iso3' parameter blank, causing the payment update to fail. This has been fixed.

  • The gateway preserve was being dropped after rebill cycle 1 when reprocessing from the Reprocess Declined Orders page. This has been corrected and the preserve should now stick through out the remainder of the subscription.

  • We received some reports regarding the PayPal decline: 'PayPal Item amount must add up to specified amount subtotal (or total if amount details not specified) when using billing model discounts. This has been adjusted.

  • There was an issue when attempting to set a custom price of $0 on the products due to an issue with the volume discount, resulting in the "Oops! An Error Occurred "500 Internal Server Error". This is now working correctly.

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