Release Notes 06/15/2022
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  • The API 'payment_router_view' method response has been updated to include the monthly cap and also an indication as to if the gateway is active or not.

  • 3D Secure has been added to RocketGate payment gateway.

  • Volume discounts now show on the Place Order Page if configured.

  • ZAR currency has been added to the Stripe Connect payment gateway.


  • The Reprocess Declined Orders page was not filtering out duplicates correctly, this has been fixed.

  • Our restful API v2 method 'Update Campaign' was not properly appending coupon profiles to the campaign, this has been adjusted to work properly.

  • The API 'order_calculate_total' method was not taking volume discounts into account, this has been corrected.

  • When attempting to create a new gateway profile using the v2 restful API method 'Add Profile', the request wasn't working correctly and would throw an error. This has been adjusted.

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