Release Notes 12/16/2021
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  • DKK and INR currencies have been added to the Stripe Gateway integration.

  • The 'Delay Capture' option has been added to the PayEngine gateway. This option allows you to authorize the payment on day 1 and capture it in β€œx” number of days. This can be found on the Settings > Providers page within the PayEngine payment gateway profile.

  • The email token {nextsubscriptionproduct} has been enhanced to include bundle products.


  • An issue was reported regarding Square gateway "Square TOKEN_ERROR - Exception when calling CustomersApi->createCustomerCard" errors. This has been fixed.

  • The API order_update method was returning the wrong response for offline orders. This has been corrected.

  • When creating PayPal orders using the API NewOrderWithProspect method, orders were being created with different billing and shipping information. This has been fixed.

  • In some cases, PayPal transactions were failing with the decline reason "Item amount must add up to specified amount subtotal (or total if amount details not specified))" when creating orders with discounts. This has been fixed.

  • An issue was reported regarding foreign characters not being properly sent to NMI gateway encoded with Unicode/UTF-8. This has been corrected.

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