Release Notes 12/01/2021
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  • A new User Account department has been added for Affiliates. This department only has one permission set by default, and that permission is to access the new Affiliates dashboard.


  • Discounts were not being sent correctly to Wix Payments. This has been fixed.

  • An issue was reported regarding Amazon Pay orders remaining in a pending status. This has been fixed.

  • API order_update requests were being sent to Acquired gateway causing issues on their end. This has been corrected.

  • Recurring prepaid orders were not showing as $0 on the Contacts page or Subscription Management page. This has been fixed.

  • The API order_total_calculate method had a thousands separator comma in the API response. This has been removed.

  • An issue was reported regarding PaySafe email notifications showing within the list to add trigger events to products. This has been fixed.

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