Release Notes 09/09/2021
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  • Our restful v2 Get Subscription method has been enhanced to return all next recurring details for the subscription.

  • For Ethoca and Verifi alerts, an order history note will now be added for when an alert matches an order but does not refund & will add alert ID to the existing order note. This will help to know when an alert matches to an order, even if no action is being taken.

Resolved Issues

  • PayPal Payments - A field is missing for Fraudnet Javascript that was causing an error. This has been fixed.

  • NMI / ApplePay rebills were failing due to "The ccnumber field is required". This has been fixed.

  • An issue was reported regarding AmazonPay orders not properly displaying the customer information within the order details. This has been fixed.

  • There was also another AmazonPay issue regarding a 500 error, resulting in the order not being created within This has been fixed.

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