Release Notes 09/01/21
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  • Product line items have been added to the Yotpo integration. This will allow you to send product information so that you have more information about what your users are buying when they get rewards.

  • A new GET Get Subscriptions With Filter method has been added to our v2 Restful API. This method will allow you to pull the next recurring information on an order. The response will include:

    Next Recurring Product Name

    Next Recurring Product Quantity

    Next Recurring Shipping Address

    Next Recurring Billing Address

    Next Recurring Card

    Next Recurring Billing Model

    Next Recurring Date

    Next Recurring Shipping Method Name

  • A new 'member array' has been added to the API NewOrder method. This will allow customers to utilize wallets for purchasing. When the member array is included within the API call, we will utilize the specific wallet Id for the billing information on the order. The member array will look similar to this:

    "member": {

    "token": "abc123",

    "billing": {

    "wallet_id": 2195

Resolved Issues

  • There was an issue with the Orders page date search not properly reflecting the users time zone. This has been fixed.

  • A rounding issue was reported regarding the PayPal Payments integration resulting in the "Item amount must add up to specified amount subtotal (or total if amount details not specified" declines. This has been fixed.

  • An issue was reported regarding PayPal Payments orders creating multiple customer id's for the same customer. This has been corrected.

  • The hold date when either using the 'Stop On Next Recurring' API call OR the 'stop on next rebill' option via the contacts page was not being stored properly, resulting in orders not populating the hold date field on the order details page. This has been fixed.


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