Release Notes 06/16/2021
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  • 3PL API Update - These integrations were updated from HTTP to HTTPS (required for both 3PL 1.0 and 2.0)

  • The ShipBob API has been updated to use the most recent version.

  • The option to void an order and continue the subscription has been added.

Resolved Issues

  • There was an issue with PayPal / Prospect functionality where we were not using the prospect email and using the email from PayPal instead. This caused issues with the prospect records being converted to customer records for PayPal orders. This has been fixed.

  • When voiding an order that has a subscription credit applied to it, the amount was showing as negative. This has been fixed.

  • There was an issue when passing multiple bundle products to PayPal, this has been corrected.

  • There was a member issue regarding PayPal where we were changing customer records and removing the member creation. This has been fixed.

  • An issue was reported where the subscription credit was being used on declined orders. This has been fixed.

  • Issue with 'next_subscription_product_price': parameter on order_view has been corrected.

  • An issue was reported regarding the Product Licenses import where it assigned the keys to the wrong product id, this has been fixed.

  • There was a limit of how many campaigns can be assigned to a provider via the 'Assign to Campaigns' option within the Settings > Providers page. This limit has been removed allowing you to assign as many campaigns to the provider as needed.

  • An issue was reported where we were bundling upsells together when they had different recurring dates. This has been fixed.

  • Within the order history for payment routing declines we were displaying 'LimeLight' instead of ''. This has been corrected.


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