Release Notes 05/19/2021
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  • The option to 'repost' orders to fulfillment has been added to the Custom FTP integration. This will allow you to resend any orders to Custom FTP if needed.

  • $0.00 orders can now be cancelled. You will now be able to cancel a $0.00 order, similar to void.

  • Orders can now be created with the same product Id as the main and upsell. For example, if you have product A on the order as the main product, you can now add that same product A to the order as an upsell product as well. This is available on both the Place Order page and also via API.

  • The option to 'Send Children SKUs to Fulfillment' is now available for both Prebuilt Product Bundles as well as Custom Built Product Bundles. When this option is enabled/disabled, both Product Bundle types will now have a persistent SKU value, where previously enabling the Send Children SKUs to Fulfillment option would wipe the SKU value for the Product Bundle.

  • ApplePay has been added to the BrainTree payment gateway integration. For further information on how to configure ApplePay with Braintree, please visit our Help Center:

Reported issues

  • There was a PayPal Payments issue reported where the phone numbers were not being displayed in the system correctly. This has been fixed.

  • Some clients were seeing the '500 Internal Error' when using the API method new_order. This was related to Kount, and has now been fixed.

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