Release Notes 04/28/2021
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  • The 'preserve' option has been added to the Contacts page. This will allow you to preserve the custom price set on any line item products when updating them.

  • When updating the variant for a product on the Orders page, the changes will now be shown within the order history, previously the changes did not show.

  • The 'return' option has been removed from non shippable orders or orders that have not shipped yet. The return should only happen on orders that have already been shipped.

Resolved Issues

  • When updating the quantity of a product on the Contacts page, the quantity was not updating correctly to reflect the changes. This has been fixed.

  • The 'getsubscription' API request has been optimized. This will allow you to receive the responses for this method in a more timely manner.

  • When updating the recurring date from the Contacts page, there was no order history note showing that the date had been changed. This has been fixed and the recurring date changes will now reflect within the order history.

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