Release Notes 04/21/2021
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  • The "(delay_confirmation_notification)" flag has been added to the New Order API which will delay the order confirmation email for 30 mins until the new_upsell API is called. This will send just one email for the main and upsell orders so that the customer doesn't receive multiple emails per upsell.

  • The option to change the recurring on an order with 2 line items, same product but different variants has been added. Now you will be able to update product line item variants.

  • ACI.Payon payment gateway has been updated to comply with their latest API data changes.

  • Seasonal Offers has been updated to allow initial and subscription product selection based on available date. We also added intelligence that automatically updates the next recurring product based upon available on date whenever a recurring or decline retry date is updated in the system.

Resolved Issues

  • There was an issue with 3D Verify orders not showing the correct tokens used within the analytics 3D Verify report. This has been fixed.

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