Release Notes 04/14/2021
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  • The Klaviyo auto responder integration has been updated to send additional information to Klaviyo. This information can be effectively used in Klaviyo’s segmentation feature. The following information will be sent to Klaviyo:

Product Id and product name

Order Total

Orders marked as chargeback, fraud or blacklist

Subscriptions created, including the subscription Id and recurring date

Subscriptions cancelled, including cancellation reason

Subscriptions recurring date change

Resolved Issues

  • 3D 2.0 wasn't working correctly with the OGONE payment gateway, causing declines. This has been updated and fixed.

  • PayPal Payments - There were two PayPal Payments issues found where orders showed as 'paypal paypal', and also caused 'invalid billing agreement Id' declines. This has been fixed and resolved.

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