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Yotpo Loyalty

How to properly configure Yotpo Loyalty in

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Created: April 28, 2021

What is Yotpo Loyalty?

Yotpo Loyalty is a loyalty provider integrated with that allows our merchants to reward their customers for the actions that have the most impact on your business with a variety of customizable campaign programs. is only concerned with promo codes and applying them correctly to the orders so the customer gets their discounts (for earning points, being a VIP member, having a birthday, anniversary, etc.)

There are several components to Yotpo Loyalty that live outside of the relationship between Yotpo and

Please Note: A Yotpo account must be created and there are important steps that must be taken to get set up with Yotpo before setting up an integration with

Below are some links to Yotpo's help center that will assist with getting started and gathering more info about the front-end components as well as other integrations they support:

Creating A Profile in

  1. Under Providers > Add New Provider > Loyalty > Yotpo

  2. Enter both the API Key and the GUID ID then save. These fields can be found on the Settings page when logged into the Yotpo Loyalty console. Webhook URL will appear after saving the profile. (more below)

  • API Key: This is found near the top of the settings page in Yotpo

  • GUID: This is found near the top of the settings page in Yotpo

  • Webhook URL: This URL will appear in the provider profile as soon as the above fields are populated the profile is saved. Once you have the Webhook URL, please input it in the blank field within the Yotpo Console. (See Below)

Yotpo Coupons in handles the promo codes (coupons) via webhooks. When promo codes get low (goes below the set threshold) Yotpo fires a webhook to and we generate 500 new codes and add them to both the Yotpo redemption option and the coupon profile all at the same time. This enables the merchant to be able to use coupon codes from Yotpo and send them in with their new_order requests and the discounts should be automatically applied to the order.

We also send new order alerts to Yotpo with the customer information. This is how the customer gets into the system initially (unless the merchant has other scenarios they use).

We send all product data too from the orders placed so that merchants can also sync up product information in and Yotpo can build rewards with that level of granularity as well.

Configuration of Coupons in

You will need to potentially set up a coupon profile per coupon type in Yotpo. coupon profile has to have the redemption option ID if you’re using the webhook to do the below threshold feature (Ex: “Yotpo 389004” - Coupon ID in Yotpo). Below Threshold Feature allows a merchant to automatically create 500 coupons when the available codes for a specific coupon run out.

Refer to this help center article about coupon creation.

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