November 25, 2013
March 1, 2020

A coupon profile will allow you to create discount promo codes that can be applied to shipping and products. In order to setup a coupon profile, you will need to go to Products >Coupons, then choose add coupon. The following provides a description of the fields within a coupon profile:

Name: Assign a name to your coupon profile.

Description: Provide a brief description of the coupon profile you are creating.

Free Shipping: Select “yes” if you desire apply free shipping to your profile.

Discount Type: Select between a dollar or percentage for your profile

Discount Behavior: Select whether you want to discount every product within the order, amount off the order total, or amount off shipping total.

Promo Codes: Enter in the promo codes that you would like to apply to this coupon profile.

Minimum Purchase: This is the lowest order total amount a purchase can be in order to be eligible for a discount.

Expiration: This is the date your promo code expires, and you are able to set the appropriate time zone for your expiration date.

Usage: This allows you to customize your promo codes per customer.

Enable: Select “yes” to activate, or “no” to deactivate your coupon profile.

*Once your coupon profile is created, you will need to assign it to your corresponding campaigns.

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