Release Notes 02/03/2021
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  • API - New parameter 'is_any_product_recurring' has been added to the order_view method. The 'is_any_product_recurring' will show '0', when the main product AND all add-ons are either non-recurring OR stopped. It will show '1' if the main OR any of the add-ons are active and recurring.

  • 3D Verify has been added to our PayEngine payment gateway integraton.

  • We have added the option to import Categories, Shipping Methods, Billing Models and Offers within the Insights > Import / Export data page.

Resolved Issues

  • Subscription credits were not applying to rebill orders when applying the credit from the Contacts page. This has been fixed.

  • {productsummary} token was displaying the incorrect order total within the Order Confirmation email. This has been corrected.

  • There was an issue with subscription credit being triggered when refunding an order from the order details page. This has been fixed.

  • Resolved issue with sending the incorrect CVV value to Stripe when updating orders using the 'order_update' method.

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