Release Notes 09/30/2020
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  • Smart Dunning - This is a NEW VAS service! Use our algorithms to process your declines. All you need to do is decide how many attempts you would like us to make on each decline. We have added the ability to add this to all current and future campaigns by making it the default. Contact your Client Success representative for additional information and to get started!

  • Added currency for NOK (Norway) to Stripe Connect.


  • Added NOCOF Upsell API - (new_upsell) post transaction upsells can now be submitted as order add ons using this NOCOF API and the original order id. This will tie the orders together for analytics reporting.

  • V2 API - Added a Method - to create, update or add promo codes to coupon profiles

  • order_view - now returning the billing model discount



  • Resolved the issue where shipping restrictions were not showing inside products

  • The PayPal Sandbox decline issue has been corrected

  • Issue with the Payment Router and the NOCOF API

  • Resolved the issue with the CSV Sales Tax import

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