Release Notes 07/16/2020
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  • Gateway integration has been updated to include 3DS2.0

  • Smarty Streets - New Address Verification provider! Smarty Streets provides the ability to update the address before the order posts to fulfillment. If the address is returned as 'bad address' from Smarty Streets, the order will be flagged as 'bad address', and will need to be corrected before the order posts to fulfillment.

  • Gift Order functionality - We now are creating a prospect record with the gift recipients email address and product information. This will enable the recipient to log in and check out the gift without having to use the gift givers email address.

  • The IP Address is now an optional Field when posting to NMI Gateway. Inside the gateway profile within the Settings > Providers page, you will now have the option to set IP Address to YES or NO.

  • Ship Hero - New Fulfillment Integration! This provider can be added within the Settings > Providers page under the 'type' Fulfillment.

  • New SSO Call Center called 'Alorica' has been added!


  • Several variant issues have been resolved.

  • Contacts Page - resolved the issue where the contact id was showing blank

  • {refundamount Token - resolved the issue where this token was showing zero dollars for multiple orders.

  • Resolved the issue where product weight was not being sent to ShipStation.

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