Release Notes 07/01/2020
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  • Integrated with 'Asendia Fulfillment', based out of Great Britain -

  • Contacts Page - Added a field to show if the contact has opted in/out for SMS messaging.

  • CBD has been added as a new vertical option.

  • You can now use the individual SKUs for the products within Pre Built Bundles.

  • Added the ability to treat 'add on' products as individual subscriptions.

  • Added Billing models and offers to the order export from the Insights menu.


  • Corrected the issue where maintaining existing gateways was not being retained

  • Corrected the product variant issue in order_view API where only 1 of 2 billing models was being returned when order has same product with different variants

  • Tracking numbers are now being added to dependent orders within Shipstation

  • Corrected the issue where force next gateway was not applying

  • Corrected the issue with order_find API call where it was not returning any values when using recurring=1 on orders that have been refunded even though the subscription remains active.

  • Custom fields email token that was not populating data in the emails - this has been fixed!

  • Product_Summary token issue - we corrected the issue where if there was a subscription discount and the quantity was 2 or more the product_summary shows the correct product price.

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