Release Notes 06/24/2020
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  • Capture on Shipment has been added to the FlexPay Gateway integration.


  • Corrected Orbital Gateway issue where the descriptor and phone number were being sent in the requests causing declines.

  • Corrected the issue when editing a postback and clicking save - the edited item now saves and does not throw an error.

  • Postback copy issue where the copied profiles are not the same has been corrected.

  • Bill by relative date billing model and decline salvage - ensuring that when an order is approved using decline salvage and the order is using the relative date billing model - the new recurring date calculation uses the relative billing date from the decline salvage approval date.

  • The Avalara issue with order_total_calculate API has been resolved.

  • The issue when editing intelligent cascade profile and using Prepaid as one of the conditions - the 'NO' option is now available

  • PayPal - issue with one click upsells showing paypal placeholder data has been resolved.

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