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Release Notes 06/17/2020
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  • A new order note type template for "Restarting Subscription" has been added.

  • Renamed Open Payment Platform Gateway to ACI WorldWide/Open Payment Platform.

  • New email token for one click cancellation URL has been added. The token is ‘hosted_cancellation_url’

  • We added support for tokenization on the Vantiv gateway, this option has been added to the gateway profile.

  • The option to allow a prepaid subscription to be converted to a standard offer has been added. This would mean that at the end of the prepaid term the customer can then be on a monthly subscription plan.


  • Issue passing orders to QuickPay Gateway has been resolved.

  • Order total calculate API coupon validation issue has been corrected.

  • Upgraded the QuickPay gateway integration.

  • Unable to save notes on orders page has been fixed.

  • eMerchantPay recurring issue has been resolved.

  • Resolved issue with address alerts not updating orders for ShipStation


  • The Revenue Generator, Traffic Optimizer and Decline Reducer dashboards have been removed from the Analytics homepage. Please contact your client success manager to have these dashboards added back to your instance.

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