Release Notes 05/06/2020
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  • We added the ability to resend the 'Refund' and 'Void' notifications from the order details page.

  • For the API  order_view method, we added the ability to receive the 'next billing_gateway' for a subscription order. You will need to contact our support team to have this enabled. 

  • Added the ability to send a specific notification for first rebill declines (not in decline salvage)  This has been added to the decline notification template.

[###REBILL_DECLINE_START###] and [###REBILL_DECLINE_END###] tokens  

  • Postback token - Ability to use the URL builder to add a single token to an already created postback URL has been added.


  • Shipstation

-Cancel order being sent as a repost
-Tracking numbers not being received
-Reposting orders being sent as shipped
-Combine similar address feature not combining for all similar addresses


  • Added partial refund # in Sales by Campaign and Sales by Gateway reports. Amount refunded includes voids, full and partial refunds. Void/Refund # counts voids and full refunds only, so the partial refund # column will now account for partially refunded orders.

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