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Release Notes 04/16/2020
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  • BrainTree Gateway SDK update - BrainTree updated their SDK, the changes go into effect 5/1.  We made changes on our end to continue to support this.

  • Group ISO Gateway - 3D Verify has been added as an option to use with this gateway.

  • ShipStation - Enhanced the integration by moving to 'Batch Posting'.  This will alleviate the errors we are getting from ShipStation due to exceeding their limits.  -ShipStation will also need to increase our per minute post amount.  This is still pending with ShipStation.  

  • Also fixed the issue that was preventing custom fields from being saved to the ShipStation Provider profile

  • Inside of the Offer configuration we added the ability for a prepaid order to convert to a monthly subscription at the end of the prepaid term. This enables clients to use an introductory rate for subscriptions.

For example - Sign Up and get the 3 months for $30 and then pay $20 a month after that.


  • Redesigned the Churn dashboard, which now derives churn percentages from subscription products on hold and historically active subscription products — based on calendar dates and hold dates rather than transaction dates.

  • Updated the Chargebacks dashboard to include product line item data. This update includes a couple cosmetic rearrangements.


  • There was an issue where multiple discounts were combining, leading to an order having a negative dollar amount. This has been fixed.  The discounts/coupons were behaving as intended, however we have implemented changes that will not allow an order to go below $0.

  • Decline notification being sent on approved order, this was regarding PayPal gateway and has been resolved.

  • NMI Echeck Gateway - We made the 'SEC' code configurable on the provider profile.

  • Resolved the configuration issue where orders were being assigned a different gateway. Now you cannot select 'PreAuth' 'Yes' and 'Void' 'PreAuth' 'No' without preserving the gateway.

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