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Release Notes 04/08/2020
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  • 3D Secure 2.0 has been added to the eMerchantPay gateway integration.

  • The option to 'Post Descriptor' as been added to the Acquired Gateway profile. If this field is set to 'YES', we will post the descriptor from your gateway profile.

  • New feature for ShipStation! When an order is partially refunded in the platform, the user will see a pop up that asks if the order should be cancelled and if the item should be shipped.  A history note will also be added to the order history notes reflecting the users response.

  • A new Postback trigger called 'subscription' has been added. This trigger will fire x days prior to the rebill, depending on your configuration.

  • Our favicon has been updated to the image below:

  • New Contact Page - Added Offer ID and Product ID in the drop downs.  This page is currently in Beta, email to join our Beta group if you are interested in this page.

  • An Estimated Prorated Amount has been added to the 'subscription credit field that is currently available on the order details page.


  • Our analytics team will work with you to build out reports/dashboards specific to you and your business, products, customers, integrations etc. Please reach out to your client success manager or for more information about custom reporting.

  • Updated the Order Analysis dashboard to include product line item data. Retention metrics and in-trial cancellations are now calculated leveraging line items when available and allows drill downs to product line item detail.

  • Refreshed the Subscriptions dashboard, which now includes historically active subscriptions based on calendar date as well as subscription growth metrics, all based on product line item data when available.

  • Please direct any questions about the dashboard changes to


  • There was an issue where any orders using Higher Dollar Pre-auth were being sent to  $1.00. This has been resolved.

  • The issue where we were returning variants via the order_view API method even though no variants were submitted with the order has been resolved.

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