Release Notes 3/25/2020
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  • New Payment Gateway integration with Paya Connect! For more information on this provider, please visit: 

  • We have a new Data Verification Provider called Smarty Streets!  This address verification provider will help verify that the address’ on your customer orders are correct before posting to fulfillment.


  • The {product_summary} email token issues have been fixed.  Some of these issues include: bundle children were repeating themselves on every line item, the custom price was not being reflected as the product price, and the delayed charge amount was not being displayed.

  • Grand Total inconsistency - Any coupons that were applied on the Place Order Page were being reflected on shipping, but not the order total. This has been fixed.

  • The Pinless Debit provider has been deprecated since they are no longer processing payments.

  • Archived campaigns were showing in the campaign drop down when placing a  new order.  This has been corrected, and only active campaigns will now show in the drop down list to be selected when placing an order.

  • Open Payment Platform Gateway  - An option in the provider profile within the Settings > Providers page has been added for tokenization. If “Use Tokenization is set to YES, the parameter ‘createRegistration’ will be included in the request to the gateway.   If “Use Tokenization is set to NO, the parameter ‘createRegistration’ is NOT included in the request to the gateway.  You will only need to use this option if required by your payment processor.

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