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Prospects - Aventus Direct Marketing p
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March 13, 2013

UPDATED March 1, 2020

Aventus Direct Marketing is now fully integrated with CRM for partials/prospects, and it will allow you to take advantage of our prospect provider technology which posts data directly to their system through an automated process.

To configure  Aventus Direct Marketing into your CRM instance, you will go to Settings>Providers and  under ACTIONS select Add New Provider Profile.Select the type = Prospect and select Aventus Direct Marketing from the drop down.Fill out the required parameters which are outlined below and click “Save”.

For more information on this Provider click here

These parameters are briefly described here for your reference:

List Id – This will be provided to you by Aventus Direct Marketing.
List Owner Id – This will be provided to you by Aventus Direct Marketing.
Source- Please provide the URL of your website.
Alias - For internal purposes only to help you organize among multiple provider profiles within your CRM. 

After you have configured your Call Center Provider account into your CRM, you will assign it at the campaign level. This means that it will not be automatically enabled on all your campaigns; instead, you will assign it to those campaigns that you choose to assign it to.

After you have assigned the prospect provider account to your campaign, our system will start to automatically post your new prospect records to them every 15 minutes, if these records do not convert into customers first!

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