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Product License Key
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November 10, 2010
March 1, 2020

Upload, manage and automatically assign License Key values. This new feature allows merchants to easily and conveniently assign digital product keys.


  • A product record can have an unlimited number of License Key values

  • A License Key may contain number, letters and characters

  • A License Key has a maximum of 255 characters

  • A License Key value must be unique

  • You cannot assign a License Key to more than one product record

  • Currently, if you place a test order for a License Key product, the test order will assign a License Key to the order that cannot be released back into the available key list.

  • You must enable the option 'License Key Restricted' on at least one product record to be able to import product keys


1. Mark the Product record to accept license key values

a. Click on Products menu link

b. Locate the product record that you want to associate the product keys to

c. Click the name of the product to edit the record

d. Select the ‘License Key Restricted’ check box

e. A new panel, called License Keys will display

2. Assign Product Key values to the product records - 

  • Manually add a key value to the product key

  1. From the product record, expand the ‘License Keys’ panel

  2. Click the ‘Add’ button

  3. Define a license key value

4. Click ‘Save’ button

5. Import a set of Product Key values

  1. Click on Insights -> Import/Export Data

  2. Select ‘Queue Import’

  3. Type = Product Licenses

  4. File = select your import file

Download a Product License import template from the import/export page in the Platform

3. Configure the Order Confirmation email template with the Product Key token

When a customer purchases a product enabled with a license key, you can use our system generated emails to deliver the product key values to your customers. The product keys can be formatted three different formats:

  • A CSV of all the product license keys assigned to the order

  • A CSV of the license keys for the product

  • A list of the license keys for the product.

 1.  Click Settings -> Email Templates
2.  Locate the Order Confirmation template you would like to include the Product Key
3.  Click ‘View Tokens’ to locate the license key token you want to use for the email
4.  Make sure that your Email Notification template is assigned to your Product

NOTE: refer to Create Customer Notifications  help article for details on designing templates

4. Assign a Product Key to an order

  • Place an Order that includes at least one product with an assigned License Key

  • View the Order Details page. There is a new section called ‘License Keys’

  • If configured, an order confirmation email will be triggered and the License Key values will be included in the email to the customer

NOTE: if the order declines, the License Key values are released back to the pool to be assigned out

5. View the assigned product keys at the customer record

To make it easier for your customer service agents to look up a license key value, we have made this information easy to find with a customer search.

  • Click Customers ->Search by email address

  • Locate the customer record and click the recordID to view all the orders placed by this customer.

  • A ‘key’ icon will appear next to any order in which a product was assigned a LIcense Key value

  • Click the ‘key’ icon to view the License Key values

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