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February 03, 2016

UPDATED March 1, 2020

In order to increase your revenue and reduce transaction disruption issues, it is imperative to remain one step ahead of your customers' ever-changing credit card information. Platform's Credit Card Account Updater (AU) is the best option to help, ensuring that your customers' credit card data is always up-to-date and accurate. By doing so, you will be able to help mitigate decline issues relating to a variety of credit card decline reason codes. For example, expiration date changes, as updating credit card account number, and closed accounts.

Merchants who store credit card data information for subscription models will greatly benefit from this value-added service, by converting on more rebills and driving more revenue. Please note this service is not compatible with tokenized gateways such as Square, Affirm, Paypal. Stripe & Stripe Connect are also incompatible if you are sending Stripe Tokens in the New Order Call. If you are sending raw card information, you may benefit from the service.

To sign up for this service please feel free to contact us at clientsuccess@ . The set-up process will take just a few days and you will be notified as soon as the account is ready to use. Once the Credit Card Account Updater profile is ready, we will then just go through your campaigns and assign the profile to the appropriate campaign(s).

Within's Credit Card Account Updater profile you will see the following parameters:

Merchant Id: This will be set up by

Merchant Key ID: This will be set up by

Merchant Shared Key: This will be set up by

Test Mode: Select if you would like to use the Credit Card Account Updater in Test Mode.

Post Back URL: This can be used if you would like to relay these credit card updates to an external server (optional).

Status Email: This will be set up by

Public Key: This is generated by during the account set up.

Days Before Subscription: This allows you to define how many days prior to recurrence you will be sending your orders to Account Updater.

BC Password: This will be set up by

BC Username: This will be set up by

Stop Recurring for Closed Accounts:  Select Yes if you do not want closed account information sent to account updater

Order Age Limit: Specify the number of days in the past to send non-billable orders that were set to recur. The account updater by default will send orders that were set to recur in the past 30 days, this can be expanded up to 365 days.

Alias: For internal purposes only; it helps you identify your profile among others in your Platform.

Additional Credit Card Account Updater Information: • Below is a list of the supported tokens that you can use in your Post Back URL from Platform's Account Updater:

{cc_first_6} – The first 6 of the credit card.

{cc_last_4} – The last 4 of the credit card.

{cc_exp_month} – The credit card's expiration month.

{cc_exp_year} – The credit card's expiration year.

{customer_id} – The customer Id.

{order_id} - The order Id.

{provider_code} - This is populated with the 3 digit alpha response code from the Account Updater, i.e NUP, CCH, etc. The expected response codes can be found below.

{hard_reject} - This is populated with a value of either '1' or '0'; '1' = hard rejection, '0' = soft rejection from the account updater. Hard rejections ARE NOT automatically placed on hold in the system, so this is only for informational purposes.

• The Platform's Credit Card Account Updater will verify your customers' credit card numbers a few days before the orders recur and it will update the credit card number or credit card expiration date if there is any update available.

• In the case that the credit card is going to expire, we will send it to Account Updater the month before. Example: If the credit card expires 03/16, it gets sent to the Account Updater on 02/16. Platform's Account Updater is compatible with any gateway integration or payment router configuration, as long as the payment type is Visa or MasterCard.

Credit Card Account Updater Batch Details: 1. To view your batches and batch details, click on the 'view' symbol:

The batches list view provides you an overview of the batch Id, status, date sent, date processed, number of cards sent and number of cards updated:

3. The batch details view will provide you with the order Ids that were sent for review, their respective campaign Ids, the response messages they received, and the old vs new values also:

Response Codes:

NED = New Expiration Date

NAN = New Account Number

ACL = Account Closed

CCH = Contact Card Holder

CUR = Card Data Current

DEC = Invalid Expiration Date

NUP = No Match, No Update

Notes: Response codes NED and NAN are the only ones where an update actually occurs. Also, an order that has received an ACL or CCH response code is no longer eligible to be sent again to the Account Updater.

Batch Summary Statistics:

To view the Batch Summary Statistics, from the batch list view, click on the Actions drop down menu and select 'View Batch Statistics'.

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