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Release Notes 1/29 - 2/5/2020
Release Notes 1/29 - 2/5/2020
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  • The 'Straight Sale' billing model has been renamed to 'One Time Purchase' billing model.

Kount Integration Updates:

  • The Billing Type inside the Kount Profile will now be required.  Previously this was set to 'Select One'.

  • The Void/Refund Alert has now been defaulted to 'YES'.

  • Additional Parameters such as 'AFID, AFFID, SID, C1, C2, C3, Campaign ID, and Gateway ID 'have been added to the 'Custom Field' options.  


  • Payment Router notifications regarding usage were not matching the actual usage on the gateway.  This has been fixed.

  • The TaxJar integration was not using the 'quantity x price' calculation.  This has been corrected.

  • Affirm integration was having issues rounding, this was located and corrected.

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