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Release Notes 12/18/19 - 01/08/2020
Release Notes 12/18/19 - 01/08/2020
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  • MailChimp - You can now send additional order/customer information to Mail Chimp using custom fields.  These can be configured inside your MailChimp provider profile.

  • ShipStation - You can now send additional order/customer information to ShipStation using custom fields.  These will need to be configured inside your ShipStation provider profile.

  • NMI PaySafe - The ability to add the ‘BCC’ for consent emails has been added to the NMI Paysafe Continuity and Paysafe Fluidpay Gateway Profiles.

  • You can now easily search for Email Template tokens inside the Message Templates via the Email Notifications page.


  • The parent order hyperlink was missing from the order history section for orders created via NewOrderCardOnFile, this has been corrected.

  • The ShipStation address update bug has been fixed.

  • Cascade preserved orders were unable to bill, this has been corrected.

  • PayPal customer info was not updating correctly, this has been fixed.

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