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Release Notes 12/4 - 12/18/19
Release Notes 12/4 - 12/18/19
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We have made some changes to the Vantiv gateway integration!The ability to perform ‘Capture on Shipment’ has been added, as well as a new back end parameter that is sent to differentiate initials and rebills. Also, we added a ‘PostLive’ endpoint, which is a way to perform test transactions to a live production endpoint through this integration


  • We have added the field 'Promo Code' within the Orders page, to easily search for any orders that have coupons applied.

  • Great Lakes Fulfillment integration has been updated to now send the ‘subscription depth’ over to Great Lakes Fulfillment, so that they are able to determine the billing cycle of the order. 

  • A new field inside the Account Updater profile has been added.When receiving the responses “Account Closed” or “Contact Card Holder”, you’ll have the option in the profile to set these as ‘automatic hold’, meaning you no longer want to try to bill these customers.

  •  A new transaction response has been added via API to easily identify any orders that are declined due to 'BIN blocking'.

  • We have added the decline reason to the order_view API

  • The campaign Id has been added as a column to the Reprocess Batch Results page.


  • An issue has been corrected for PayPal where customer fields were showing blank.

  • The billing_agreement_id is now being sent to PayPal when the main product is not an upsell.

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