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Release Notes 11/13 - 11/20/19
Release Notes 11/13 - 11/20/19
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We have integrated the Payscout Brazil Gateway – This is a version of the Payscout gateway that only handles Brazilian currency including Visa, Mastercard or Boleto.


  • A new status symbol for ‘Pause’ has been added to our UI that will provide you with the ability to differentiate between ‘pause’ and ‘stop’. In the UI, the customer cancel will represent the ‘stop sign’ symbol, and for system or merchant ‘holds’ there will now be a ‘pause’ symbol.  System and merchant holds consist of Decline Manager, Chargeback, Hard Decline Rule, and Merchant Pause API.

  • You can now add your own User Department Templates! This will give you the ability to create new department templates that are outside of the standard Limelight default templates.

  •  A new trigger and email template has been added for Consumer Consent Confirmation. This notification is sent after consent has been received from the customer indicating that we may charge their card.

  • A new hold type has been introduced for ‘Offer Complete’.This will be used when the Offer reaches the end of its cycle, i.e installments. If the offer is configured to expire or be placed on hold after ‘X’ cycles, this hold type will allow for visibility why the subscription is on hold.  When this hold type is used, an order history note will be displayed showing that the subscription has been completed.  

  • We are now sending refund updates to TaxJar

  • We added the ability to keep the ‘add on’ product in sync with the main product recurring date on the order.This will now keep the add on product in sync with the main product recurring date.There is also the option to adjust the ‘add on’ product recurring date to be a different recurring date than the main product. This applies to both the API and UI. 

  • Test criteria has been added to the API order_find method.This will help locate any test orders. 

  • Authorize_payment will now support tokenized payment tokens in the API request.This is followed by using the ‘tokenized_payment’ method which returns the token that will need to be used in the authorize_payment call. 


The Subscription Notification was being sent in error. This has been corrected.

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