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Release Notes 11/06 - 11/13/19
Release Notes 11/06 - 11/13/19
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Help Center - Our Help Center will now have a new look! Same documentation- slightly different look. This is just one part in a series of renovations to be rolled out in coming months. It is under construction, but you won’t feel a thing!

ShipStation Enhancements:

  • Added the cancellation functionality for voids and refunds

  • Send address updates in real time


  • Add the billing cycle to ShipWorks parameters 

  • Advanced Routing - We added an enhancement to allow for mass actions across all campaigns using the same Payment Routing Profile. Previously merchants had to do this per campaign.

  • API - We now return the shipping total on an order via the order_view method.

  • The ProRated monthly amount is now available on the order details page via the 'issue credit' link.


  • Exports from the orders page are not putting double quotes around the order ID any longer

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