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Release Notes 10/30 - 11/06/19
Release Notes 10/30 - 11/06/19
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  • We integrated with a new Membership Provider called Access Development.  




  • Order_View API - The shipping total amount is now returned for an order.  This will be returned via the shipping_amount response parameter.


  • Order History Note - We are now adding a history note to the order when a line item product has been refunded indicating that the product was removed from the post to fulfillment.


  • API – The hold_date is passed in the order_view response whenever an upsell is added to an order and the order is put on hold.


  • API - Ability to add a refund note disposition to the order so that analytics will reflect these refund dispositions.  This can be accomplished via the order_refund API method.


  • Orders Page –  Allow users to search by 'Hold Type' so that you can locate orders put on hold by the reason, such as customer cancel.


  • Estimated ProRated Amount -Added the ability on the Order Details page to prorate the monthly amount used when upgrading a customer to an annual service. This will be seen when applying a subscription credit on the order.






  • API Permission issue - involving New Order API method.  If the permission is not available on the users API access they will not be able to process New Orders and will get an error message.


  • NMI Gateway -  ProductID is now being passed to NMI Gateway when manually reprocessing orders.  This is sent via the 'MDF4' field.


  • Reprocess Declined Orders page – We were not able to view batch results, this has been fixed


  • Combine Similar Addresses only posting the main order Sales Tax to fulfillment – When using Combine Similar Addresses, we are now posting the sales tax amount from all products in the order to fulfillment.

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