• Integrated Paysafe Fluidpay Gateway


  • Adding Billing Cycle (Rebill Depth) to the order details page
  • We are now storing all MasterCard consent emails.
  • Deprecated Legacy Reports
  • Single Purchase Limit can now be used to block shipping address’
  • ShipStation - added the ability to store replacement tracking number
  • Updated Inovio to display username/ password credentials to users with access to see it.
  • We are now passing the 'Product Name' instead of the 'Product ID' to Insureship
  • Added ‘All’ to the Gateway_View API method - this will allow the API user to get all the gateway id’s they are using
  • Email Notifications - a token has been added for ‘Cancellation Date’ so that you can add that date to your email notifications


Fixed Bugs

  • Increased the max limit for the Upsell Field for Webforms to support additional upsell products.
  • The Tracking Import/Export has been updated to no longer have to convert from scientific notation.
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