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Release Notes 10/2 - 10/21/19
Release Notes 10/2 - 10/21/19
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  • Kount - Enhanced Feature - We added the Omniscore value. This is a transaction safety rating that can be used in rule creation and results in score that is twice as good at catching fraud and minimizing false positives as any score Kount has ever produced.

  • Maxpay Gateway - We added the following currencies :   NOK, DKK, SEK, NZD, CHF, PLN, CAD, JPY, ZAR, CZK


  • Tracking Import Fix - the files were not updating correctly due to an encryption issue.  This has been resolved.

  • Country code for Scotland and South Sudan has been corrected in our API documentation.

  • Reprocess Declined Orders page - When using the sort feature the page will not allow you to navigate to page 2 etc.   This page was also having issues when using filters, with a response of no data. This has been corrected.

  • Avalara - We corrected the issue where we were not sending the order total to Avalara.

  • The Place Order page was not calculating the order total correctly, this has been fixed.

  • Advance routing options/ page load issues have been corrected.

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