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Release Notes 8/5/19 - 8/12/19
Release Notes 8/5/19 - 8/12/19
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  1. Email Notification SMTP setup - We are now automatically authenticating the SMTP profile when ‘Save’ is clicked, rather than having the user select “Authenticate SMTP”.

  2. API - We have added the ability to find test orders using is_test_cc to the ‘order_find’ method.

  3. Gateway Profiles - We have removed the fee requirements within the limits and fees tab.  The only required field is the Global Monthly Cap.

  4. Added PostBack action ‘Tracking Updated’ to the trigger type ‘order action’ which will be fired when there is an update to the tracking number field.

  5. Place Order Page - The default campaign selected in the campaign will now be pre-selected when placing an order on the Place Order Page.


  1. Discounts - Flat discounts on the billing model at the offer level were not being preserved after the initial order.

  2.  Reprocess Declined Orders Page Time Out has been corrected

  3. Monthly MID CAP Notifications are now being sent to all appropriate parties

  4. 3PL 2.0 Fulfillment  - We are now fetching for tracking numbers on the same day that the orders are posted to fulfilment.

  5. Kount - The decline reason for test credit cards is now accurately reflected in the order history notes.

  6. Infocu5 - Reformatted the fields for ‘leadCCnumber’ and ‘leadProductList’ so they can be received successfully by Infocu5.

  7. ShipStation - When ShipStation sends a “Too Many Requests” response we are now correctly displaying the response in the CRM via the order history notes.

  8. Avalara - Corrected the issue where orders from other countries were being sent to Avalara - no tax was being held.

  9. Analytics/Reports main page is now able to return results when multiple keywords are entered in the search field.

  10. Navigation Bar was working incorrectly for some users, this issue has been corrected

  11. Shipping confirmation emails were not firing when the notification was not saved at the product level.

  12. NewOrderCardOnFile orders are now being flagged as ‘test’ if created with a test card.

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