Release Notes 7/18 - 7/30
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Square Gateway Integration - Changes completed to allow LimeLight CRM users to seamlessly integrate Square for straight sales as well as recurring sales. 

Account Updater –  For any new accounts using Account Updater we would go back 30 days to update information – we are changing this to 60 days.  

  • We also now check for the rebill date of upsell subscriptions, so that 7 days before rebilling any line item the information will be sent to Account Updater.  (Reminder – there is only a fee when the account information is updated.)

FlexPay – Tokenized gateways are now supported with FlexPay.

Decline Manager – We updated the 'Global Default Settings' for new users to use to get them started.  These settings are preferred when first getting started with Decline Manager:

  • Attempts before Hold = 3 Attempts

  • Gateway = None

  • Schedule = Custom Cycle > 6 days

  • Not Before = 12 PM

  • Salvage Percentage = 0

  • Discount = NO (unselected)

Import / Export Data - Added the reason an order was placed on hold to the Order Export data

  • Hold_types (User, Merchant, Hard Decline, Decline Salvage, Chargeback)

Prepaid Indicator - Added an indicator to the order record for Prepaid subscriptions so that a customer service rep can easily tell if a prepaid order is set to auto renew at the end of its term.

Campaign update - Expanded the width of the multi-select fields on the Campaign configuration to improve the user experience when selecting profiles

BIN Analytics Dashboards - Added Gateway filters to the BIN Analytics dashboards.

Order Analysis Dashboard - Added Sub-Affiliate Id filter to the Order Analysis dashboard.



  • Kount – Kount error messages have been adjusted to show correctly within the Order History Notes.

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