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Release Notes 12/19/18 - 1/8/19
Release Notes 12/19/18 - 1/8/19
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Release Notes 12/19/18 - 1/8/19


LimeLight CRM Support

January 10, 2019 21:38

  • To help comply with the new Master Card restrictions, we have added a new parameter called ‘website’ to the new_order API method that will store the website value of where an order is placed. The refer_path will be used if domain is not defined in Order requests.

  • You can now easily import a list of all your products using a .csv template on the Import/Export Data page! Product records will be automatically created on the Products page. Refer to this Help Center article for more details.

  • A new ‘Post to Fulfillment’ option has been added to the Test Payments page. This new option will prevent test orders from being sent to fulfilment when a specific test card is used.


  • Added a new parameter called 'preserve_new_recurring_price' to the ‘subscription_order_update’ API method, allowing clients using Billing Models & Offers to preserve a custom product price to all future rebills.

  • Added the ability for the {product_summary} email token to display the bundle name and all the child products in the bundle

  • Added a new view to the Products List page that allows you to easily view a list of all your products that have variant records. You will now see a new hyperlink called ‘Variants’ next to the ‘Active’ and ‘Archived’ links.

  • Added a new section called “Original Declines by Gateway” to the Intelligent Cascade dashboard. This allows you to compare the Original as well as the Cascade gateways on a single dashboard.

  • Upgraded the Vantiv gateway provider profile to support Amazon Pay


  • Resolved an issue with cascading tokens that caused NMI Paysafe orders to decline due to Invalid Customer Vault ID

  • Resolved an issue with Billpro sending a $0.00 refund amount

  • Resolved an issue with the (ordertotal) token on email templates not reflecting the correct currency character

  • Resolved an issue with the Product list page, when sorting the price column it sorts by the first digit rather than the value

  • Resolved an issue causing ‘step_num’ to not be recorded for all products in an order even when the parameter was being passed

  • Resolved an issue with the /api/v2/orders/histories? route returning more orderIDs than expected

  • Resolved an issue with the '/api/v2/orders/##{{orderId}}/history' route’s "message" element returning unexpected text

  • Resolved an issue with the ‘order_view’ API method not returning the value for custom fields

  • Removed ‘Assign to Campaign’ functionality from the Stripe Connect provider profile to prevent user setup errors.

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