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Release Notes 1/30/19 - 2/5/19
Release Notes 1/30/19 - 2/5/19
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Release Notes 1/30/19 - 2/5/19


LimeLight CRM Support

February 06, 2019 20:55


  • New gateway integration! Ebanx supports Brazilian currency and installments, as well as alternative payments. Refer to this Help Center Article for additional details.

  • The eMerchant Pay gateway has been enhanced to comply with new Visa regulations. The gateway will now send a new indicator when the transaction is recurring.

  • New Product License Keys Dashboard to assist you in managing your product license key inventory levels! Review how many license keys have been sold and are available for sale. Schedule the report to receive daily email updates in your inbox.

  • We're excited to introduce you to our newest feature: Custom Fields, an easier way to gather pertinent information about your leads and customers. With Custom Fields you can define, collect, and store metadata directly in LimeLight on your:

- Contacts - store specific information about prospects and customers
- Products - store specific product attributes (ingredients, brand, size, etc.)
- Orders - detailed channel attribution to optimize your funnel

What do you use this information for?

- Guided selling: Create guided selling prompts to deliver personalized product recommendations!
- Personalized Marketing: Create and deliver personalized communications, advertisements, calls-to-action - the possibilities are endless!
- System Mapping: For example, store unique identifiers from other systems in your LimeLight platform (QuickBooks fields; SalesForce IDs, etc.)

See this Help Center article for more details.


  • Resolved an issue with Stripe Connect that prevented users from creating new profiles.

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