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Release Notes 2/21/19 - 3/6/19
Release Notes 2/21/19 - 3/6/19
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Release Notes 2/21/19 - 3/6/19


LimeLight CRM Support

March 06, 2019 20:11

Feature Release:

  • Your Analytics and Reports Homepages have been enhanced! You can now toggle between Analytics & Reports, or see all, on one page. Plus, a new search bar makes it easier for you to find the dashboards and reports you’re looking for - search by keyword, metric, or name, and a list of relevant dashboards and reports will be pulled up for you.


API Updates

  • A new parameter has been added to the order_find API call that will allow you to find orders for a specific date or a date range called date_type. The new parameter can be used with the following timestamp options: create, hold, next_rebill, rma, return, chargeback. If omitted or left blank, it will default to create and search on the order creation date. Note: If you are going to be utilizing this new API method, you will need to make code changes. Please refer to our API documentation: Navigate to API > Orders > order_find

  • Seasonal Subscriptions placed on hold can now be restarted with the dynamic product position with the subscription_update method. Note: If you are going to be utilizing this new API method, you will need to make code changes. Please refer to our API documentation: Navigate to API > Orders > subscription_order_update

Product & Offer Configuration

  • Now you can add a unit of weight (LBS, OZ, KG, G, MG) to the Delivery Options in the product configuration.

  • The Email Trigger dropdown selector has been enhanced to allow you to easily search and select triggers in a large list. Simply start typing an ID or name in the Email Trigger dropdown field to filter the list!

  • Decline Notification Email Trigger can now be configured to specifically send just for Initial Orders, Subscription Orders, or for all orders.

  • Postbacks can now include headers in the request, allowing you to pass login credentials to a third party for a secured post request. Request Headers can be configured right in the platform!

Payments & Gateways

  • For website tracking purposes, a new field named ‘URL’ has been added to the Merchant Account Details tab for all gateway profile configurations.

  • For clients running Paysafe MIDs, name and billing information are now sent in the NMI Paysafe vault creation request.

  • The IPPay gateway integration now supports the authorize_payment method. The authorize_payment method will trigger an auth request to the IPPay gateway, capture the auth via the NewOrder method or void an auth immediately, and allow a $0.00 authorization.

  • Pinless Debit intelligence has been enhanced to now automatically adjust BIN specific traffic up or down, based on BIN responses to allow for real-time BIN specific changes.

  • Decline Manager Max Attempts has now been expanded to 23. Note, be sure to communicate with your MID on their best practices.


  • New Analytics Dashboard! Address quality concerns with traffic sources to improve the quality of traffic concerns and ultimately improve CLTV with the Traffic Optimizer Prescriptive Analytics Dashboard. Check out the Help Center article for more details!

  • New Analytics Dashboard! You now have a Straight Sale Summary dashboard to help monitor your straight sale marketing efforts and pinpoint new opportunities to grow your business! Check out the Help Center article for more details!

  • New exports for custom fields now available on the Import/Export Data page: ‘Order Custom Field’ export and ‘Customer Custom Field’ export. Now you can export the order level and contact level custom fields that you have been collecting over the last few weeks!

  • The Employee Activity Report now has additional activities to filter on, such as, Created Order, Updated Subscription Information, Added RMA Status and Refunded.

  • Finding ‘agent cancellations’ is now easier than ever with the Customer Service Dashboard. You can now filter the dashboard by Cancellation date.

  • AFID & SID Filters are now available on the Sales by Product Report


  • New fulfillment integration! Expand Worldwide Logistics is now available as a fulfillment provider.

  • leadProductList and leadCCNumber have been added to the Infocu5 Call Confirm integration so you can segment customers on Infocu5's end based on their purchasing habits.

  • The recurringPayment indicator has been added to the Beanstream gateway integration. Now initials and straight sale transactions pass recurring Payment=0 and rebill transactions pass recurring Payment=1 in the auth/sale request to Beansteam.


  • Resolved an issue causing the prospect export to fail

  • Improved new_order response times when multiple state tax profiles are present.

  • Resolved an issue causing imported member’s temporary password to be set as their permanent password.

  • Resolved an issue causing certain users to be unable to access the Custom Fields page.

  • Resolved an issue that prevented from changing from a Custom Recurring offer to a Self Recurring offer when edited and saved.

  • Resolved an issue with order_view results for alternative payment providers when a coupon was used.

  • Resolved an issue with the orders export Retrying and Retries Left columns not showing the proper data.

Resolved an issue causing the Rapid Response order history note to display “Order sent to fulfillment. Fulfillment #: 0"

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