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Release Notes 4/4/19 - 4/10/19
Release Notes 4/4/19 - 4/10/19
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Release Notes 4/4/19 - 4/10/19


LimeLight CRM Support

April 10, 2019 18:38

Feature Release:



  • Issued subscription credit totals can now be added to or replaced with a new subscription amount. Add to Credit will add the new credit amount to the existing credit amount to apply the new credit total. Replace Credit will update the credit total to the new amount entered.

  • Campaign page validation was updated to prevent the same Promo Code(s) from different Coupon Profiles from being selected on a campaign.

  • Telangana was added as an available state option for India.


  • A new API endpoint history_note_types has been added to allow a list of order history note type values to be retrieved. Please refer to our API documentation: Navigate to Orders > GET History Notes.


  • A new ‘Is Cancel’ column has been added to the Order Export to help you differentiate cancelled orders from hold orders.


  • A new {offer_name_csv} token has been added to the email templates which will populate a CSV of the offers for the product.

  • A new {tpl_product_billing_model_name} token has been added to the email templates which will populate the billing model name for the product.


  • Resolved issue where the Billing Model Discount was not applying to orders where the billing model discount was added after the Offer was initially created.

  • Resolved issue with Analytics permissions where users we seeing both predicted & usage dashboards.

  • Resolved issue with Custom Fields list page search filters were not displaying all results.

  • Resolved issue with the InsureShip provider profile not saving the selected Product ID.

  • Resolved issue with the NewProspect API call where commas were not accepted.

  • Resolved issue with the Decline Manager Custom Day schedule causing the first scheduled attempt to be skipped.

  • Resolved issue that caused declined orders through PayPal to be created in the platform with missing information.

  • Resolved issue with the Braintree token preventing the billing/shipping address from being updated.

  • Resolved issue with the NewOrderCardOnFile API call that prevented prepaid cards from being blocked on a campaign.

  • Resolved issue with the eBanx integration not functioning through API.

  • Updated user experience when selecting a campaign they don’t have permission to place a new order for.

  • Resolved outstanding encoding issues with prospect API calls.

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