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Release Notes 3/22/19 - 4/3/19
Release Notes 3/22/19 - 4/3/19
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Release Notes 3/22/19 - 4/3/19


LimeLight CRM Support

April 04, 2019 11:42

Feature Release:

  • Email Triggers, Email Templates, and SMTP Servers menus have been consolidated! Now all three can be found under the Settings > Email Notifications menu. To Access each of the list pages, simply click on the tab at the top of the page to change your view.



MasterCard Compliance

  • In order to remain compliant with the new MasterCard regulations in effect on 04/12/19 you will need to make some changes to your API calls and add some extra configurations to your LimeLight platform.

Currently the LimeLight platform is set up to automatically require consent for any MasterCard initial order processed through an NMI Paysafe Processing Continuity gateway profile. These transactions will not rebill until consent is received from the cardholder.

Check out the Help Center article for a step by step guide in the changes you’ll need to make.

  • A LimeLight hosted ‘Click here to agree to charges’ link has been added to the Default Consent Notification email template.

  • We have added the ability to allow NMI to pull data based on transaction ID for MasterCard Compliance auditing.

API Updates

  • The offer_view API response has been updated to now return the delayed billing component of the Trial. Note: If you are going to be utilizing this API method, you may need to make code changes. Please refer to our API documentation: Navigate to API > Billing Models and Offers > offer_view.


  • Subscription credits can be issued to customers right from the Order details page! You can now issue a credit on an active subscription that will carry throughout the subscription until it is completely used. Order note templates can also be created and required for all credits.

  • Historical % data has been added to the Payment Router profile to help accurately reserve the appropriate revenue and manage the reserve forecast percentages as they change over time.

  • Added preventative measure of Product License Key from being assigned on the trial delayed billing event.


  • A new Declines drill down has been added to the Sales By Campaign report allowing you to narrow your view down to declines only.

  • We gave all of the Sales by Report tables (7 in total) and Operation Report tables (10 in total) a facelift with the use of reverse text so the table headers are easier and cleaner.

  • The scheduled report functionality has been updated to allow users to schedule reports/dashboards to external users.


  • 3D Verify is now available for the Argus Payment (Inovio) gateway.

  • F1 Payments/MB Financial has been added as processor in the Gateway Profiles.

  • Updated fulfillment posting increment to increment each time an order is re-posted without having to fetch tracking.


  • Resolved the issue in the Postback profile preventing the HTTP Method from being changed.

  • Resolved issue the the Sent to Fulfillment Pending Tracking drill on the Fulfillment Reconciliation report.

  • Resolved issue with the download for Fulfillment Reconciliation report.

  • Resolved issue with multiple cascade events causing confusion in order history, cascade-gateway-error-msg showing decline reason from first cascade event in duplication & order-process showing first cascade decline instead of most recent.

  • Resolved an issue with the Reprocess Declined Orders page decline reason preventing orders to be repossessed due to: "The credit card number or email address has already purchased this product(s)”.

  • Resolved an issue for Infocu5 causing the product price to be sent instead of the trial product price.

  • Resolved an issue when saving a billing model update preventing the original data from being cleared.

  • Resolved an issue when calculating discount resulting in the wrong amount being sent to Paypal.

  • Resolved an issue with US Military States Not working on BillingSameAsShipping.

  • Resolved an issue with Edit Custom Fields not displaying any fields for certain users.

  • Resolved issue with orders posting to 3PL fulfillment receiving the error: "no products found".

  • Resolved the issue with the ZiriPay integration KRW currency dropping decimal.

  • Resolved issue the user notifications indicator showing when there aren’t any current or previous notifications available.

  • Resolved issue with updated recurring dates not being saved for Billing Models & Offers.

  • Resolved issue with Stripe Connect 3D Secure failing before the redirect.

  • Removed the currency symbol for the Subscription Management export.

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