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Release Notes 4/18/19 - 4/25/19
Release Notes 4/18/19 - 4/25/19
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Release Notes 4/18/19 - 4/25/19


LimeLight CRM Support

April 25, 2019 22:24

Feature Release:



  • Seamlessly switch a customer’s current subscription to a new offer! You now have the flexibility to change an offer mid-subscription without having to place a new order.

  • Updated Subscription Management to allow force next gateway on recurring upsell products of straight sale orders.


  • A new drill has been added for the CLTV measure on the Order Analysis dashboard that has "campaign" as a dimension.

  • Revenue from CSR Orders has been added as a new column to the Key Measures Customer Service Analytic dashboard.


  • Resolved an issue causing the token {tpl_product_base_cost} to return blank.

  • Resolved an issue causing the PostBack tokens {product_skus_csv} & {product_names_csv} to return blank.

  • Resolved an issue where Orders that were being blocked by BIN profiles were still attempting tokenization for PaySafe only.

  • Resolved issue with non-renewing Pre-Paid Offers being created with the wrong next recurring product

  • Resolved an issue with the Bill by Schedule billing model that prevented the date selection of the next scheduled date.

  • Resolved an issue preventing FlexPay from being able to override the Cascade Preservation.

  • Resolved an issue with the Klaviyo integration that caused Prospects and customer data to not be passed.

  • Updated the Analytics permission rules to stop the dashboards from disappearing.

  • Added address value truncation > 60 characters for to prevent gateway declines for character limits being met.

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