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Release Notes 4/26/19 - 5/1/19
Release Notes 4/26/19 - 5/1/19
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Release Notes 4/26/19 - 5/1/19


LimeLight CRM Support

May 01, 2019 20:07

Feature Release:

  • User Accounts, API Accounts, and Single Sign-On menus have been consolidated! Now all three can be found under the Settings > Accounts & Permissions menu. To Access each of the list pages, simply click on the tab at the top of the page to change your view.




  • The Send Order Confirmation, Send Shipping Confirmation, Send Consent Notification, Send Gift notification, and Send Gift Shipping Confirmation email buttons in the Orders details page have been consolidated under the RESEND EMAIL NOTIFICATION dropdown.

  • Updated FlexPay logic to use the natural decline date to be relayed rather than the parent transaction date.

  • PrePaid is now an option for the Decline Manager Payment Method(s) rule.


  • You can now force the next billing gateway of a subscription via API. Note: If you are going to be utilizing this API method, you may need to make code changes. API Documentation: Navigate to Orders > Subscriptions > Force Next Gateway by Order IDs.

  • order_force_bill now allows you to specify which product_id you want to force bill. Notes: If you are want to force bill an order where the main product is _not_ recurring, you will need to specify what product_id to force. If the product_id is not specified in this scenario, this will result in an error response. If all Products on the order have the same recurring date, passing only the order_id in the order_force_bill call will result in the entire order being force billed. For API documentation please refer to API Documentation: Navigate to API > orders.


  • A new Prospect Custom Fields export has been added to the Export Queue under the Import/Export Data menu.

  • A new Subscriptions By Week look has been added to the Subscriptions dashboard.


  • Added TL (Timor-Leste) and PS (State of Palestine) to our default counties dropdowns

  • Resolved an issue causing tracking numbers to be blank when fetched from 3PL 2.0

  • The character limit for phone/zip from 15 digits to 30 digits

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