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Check out these key features launched on the platform for the first quarter of 2024

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Payments iFrame Upgraded

Merchants can now customize the look and feel of the payments iFrame via CSS

Merchants can now alter the size, coloration and fonts of the payments iFrame through the manipulation of CSS.

For information on how to make changes to the payments iframe, please reference this help center article.

New Gateways and Gateway Upgrades

We integrated with Quantum Qoin and upgraded several existing gateway integrations

We added a new gateway integration with the Quantum Qoin gateway.

In addition, we also upgraded several gateway integrations.

  • Quantum Qoin - Added support for partial refunds

  • - Added support for delayed capture

  • Revolv3 - Added support for dynamic descriptors

For information about all of's active payment gateways, please reference this help center article.

Numerous fixes for platform behaviors

Our team has applied multiple fixes to ensure expected behaviors function smoothly

Our team has focused in on ensuring reliable performance of the Platform and in that pursuit, has implemented the following fixes:

  • Added a notification window to the Settings > Providers page when disabling a provider profile. The notification states that when disabling a provider profile, you must also remove that profile from your campaigns as well.

  • Fixed an issue where the 'vertical Id' column being required in a Product Import file was causing issues. The column is no longer required.

  • Fixed an issue with the mapping of payment method parameters for our Revolv3 integration.

  • Fixed an issue with the Restful API call to add custom fields improperly rejecting requests.

  • Fixed an issue where US orders in were showing "United States of America (the)". They will now show as "United States of America".

  • Fixed an issue where orders for multiple products had a single product placed on hold that resulted in the cancellation of the entire order.

  • Fixed an issue with incorrect refund amounts being sent to Avalara.

  • Fixed an issue within the API 'order_view' response. We were showing 'refund_amount=0' at the product level, even if the entire order was refunded.

  • Fixed an issue where orders involving the Adyen gateway were remaining in pending status even though we received a successful webhook from Adyen to complete the order.

  • Fixed an issue where the Restful v2 'Get Campaign' API method was returning the order status of 'cancelled' when the order status was on hold.

  • Fixed an issue where refunded PayPal orders were not being sent to Avalara.

  • Fixed an issue where we were miscalculating taxes from Avalara caused $0.01 refunds.

  • Fixed an issue where some clients were seeing blank PayPal V2 declines with the reason "Declined by payment gateway ( )"

  • Fixed an issue where Stripe 3D failed but an approved order was still created in

  • Fixed an issue where the postback {product_prices_csv} token was not accounting for any product custom pricing or product coupons.

  • Fixed an issue where the API 'payment_router_view' method was returning a 709 error when including a CSV of payment router IDs in the request.

  • Fixed an issue where orders containing special characters were being rejected by the system when placing orders in the UI.

  • Fixed an issue where orders were being created with dummy shipping/billing information when using PayPal V2.

  • Fixed an issue where using the PayPal V2 profile in 'Test Mode'= YES would result in the shipping address information not being sent to PayPal.

  • The Restful V2 API was not accounting for campaign restrictions within the API user account. This has been adjusted, and the v2 now will account for all campaign restrictions on the API user account.

  • Fixed an issue where blacklisted orders were still attempting to send to FlexCharge. FlexCharge transactions will now be cancelled if the order is blacklisted.

  • Fixed an issue where test card refunds were being sent to the gateway.

  • Fixed an issue where incorrect payment data was being sent to, causing 'source_id_invalid' declines.

  • Fixed an issue where, in some cases, orders were being marked as chargeback in the UI, but the order status did not update to reflect the chargeback.

  • Our product import was missing columns for vertical, product weight and declared value. These columns have now been added to the product import file.

  • The API 'payment_router_view' method was returning an incorrect amount of gateways. This has been fixed, and this method now has pagination to include all gateways within the payment router.

  • Fixed an issue where legacy accounts that were looking to archive a product would result in the product not being editable as the next subscription item was changing to a non-archived item.

  • When reprocessing a declined orders, the order history note will now show the users name that queued the reprocess, previously it just showed "By".

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