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Feature Updates Subscriptions for BigCommerce — Q4 2023 Releases Subscriptions for BigCommerce — Q4 2023 Releases

Check out these key features launched on the Subscriptions for BigCommerce app for the fourth quarter of 2023

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Coming January 2024 - Add Products to Next Shipment

Consumers and merchants can add products to upcoming subscription shipments

The Subscriptions app introduces the "Add Products to Next Shipment" feature in January 2024. This enhancement allows customers to effortlessly customize their subscription orders within the consumer portal, fostering a personalized experience with a simple click. Beyond consumer empowerment, merchants gain strategic control, utilizing the feature to capitalize on upselling opportunities and encouraging customers to explore new favorites within their catalog.

Check back with us in early January 2024 for more information on this exciting feature!

Support for 3D Secure Verification

We now support 3D Secure verification for subscription transactions

What is 3D Secure Authentication? | Total Processing

We now support 3D Secure verification for subscription transactions through the Stripe, Braintree and payment gateways.

This verification protocol adds an additional layer of security to online transactions, protects storefronts from chargebacks and fraudulent transactions and ensures businesses stay compliant with regional regulatory requirements.

For questions or information on how to implement these protocols, please contact your payment provider directly.

App stability & Bug Fixes

We are making improvements to the Subscriptions app's performance

  • Fixed a bug that prevented accurate editing of active subscriptions. The Pause & Resume functions were triggering an error message when the action was successfully processing. This has been resolved.

  • Eliminated a performance issue caused by excessive success logging

  • Fixed an issue with order syncing failing due to invalid payment method information

  • Fixed a user experience issue of variants being consistent through product swapping

  • Resolved inaccuracies of product stock availability when updating product quantity for active subscriptions

  • Fixed a past recurring date display issue

  • Fixed an issue where subscription reminders were missing from our internal logs on certain dates

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