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Product Highlights Platform Releases — Q3 2023 Platform Releases — Q3 2023

Check out these key features launched on the platform for the third quarter of 2023

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Feature Highlight - PINless Debit, Powered by PepperPay

Reduce your payment processing costs and lower your chargeback volumes across credit card providers

50% of all ecommerce transactions are carried out with debit cards. If you're running debit card transactions on credit card networks, you might be paying exorbitant fees.

The PINless Debit solution from PepperPay will help you reduce your processing costs for debit card transactions and shift transaction and chargeback volume away from the major credit card networks. No hidden costs, authorization fees, assessment fees or changeover fees.

Contact your client success manager or representative today for more information.

New tokens for email notifications

We have added two new tokens to our available options

The {campaign_name} and {campaign_desc} will allow you to populate campaign names and descriptions into your email notifications.

3D Secure for Bill 1st

We have added 3D Secure capabilities to our Bill 1st gateway

Merchants can now process payments through Bill 1st while verifying customer information through 3D Secure protocols.

To configure the Bill 1st payment gateway into your CRM, reference our help center article.

New payment gateway integrations

Merchants can now connect their instance with Pathly and Revolv3

Did you know the Platform is actively connected to over 140 payment gateways? The Platform enables dynamic routing and cascading across multiple MIDs and payment providers. For a complete list of payment providers, check out this article.

Updates to our ShipWire Integration

We have upgraded our integration with ShipWire

ShipWire is a full-service 3PL provider that enables customers to store products in global fulfillment centers and send them to customers across the world.

Our integration upgrades ensure we are compatible with the latest version of ShipWire's APIs. For information about how to configure ShipWire to connect with your instance, contact your representative and reference our help center article.

Numerous fixes for platform behaviors

Our team has applied multiple fixes to ensure expected behaviors function smoothly

Our team has focused in on ensuring reliable performance of the Platform and in that pursuit, has implemented the following fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where merchants were unable to search for billing address on the Orders page.

  • Fixed an issue where custom pricing was being ignored and orders were being created based on the catalog product price.

  • Fixed an issue where product swapping was not functioning as intended, resulting in improper revenue forecasting.

  • Fixed an issue where postsbacks for Order Actions were not firing on legacy accounts.

  • Fixed an issue where order notifications were improperly deploying on $0 prepaid orders when configured not to deploy.

  • Fixed an issue where the contacts page showed inactive subscriptions as active.

  • Fixed an issue where clients with Avalara V2 configured were receiving a 500 error from the system when passing authorize_payment API calls to

  • Fixed an issue where Allowed IP Addresses were not properly applying to the V2 API.

  • Fixed an issue where merchants experienced delays when trying to load products and campaigns.

  • Fixed an issue where orders were being improperly sent to Avalara.

  • Fixed an issue where shipping costs were being applied to non-shippable products and orders.

  • Fixed an issue where some order confirmation emails are not triggering.

  • Fixed an issue where the display issues were encountered on the Contacts page if the visible currency was euros.

  • Fixed an issue where merchants were unable to mark orders as chargebacks within the order management UIs.

  • Fixed an issue where country codes were being sent improperly for rebill orders.

  • Fixed an issue where currency was being sent as a blank value for Stripe, Google Pay and Apple Pay orders.

  • An audit was added to the User Permissions page for internal use only but was made visible for standard users. This option has been removed.

  • Fixed an issue where the API "order_view" response was showing inconsistent values for refunded orders.

  • Fixed an issue where archived products were still showing as available to select when placing an order.

  • Fixed an issue when the API "Order_view" response was showing preserve=0 even if the order was created with preserve=1.

  • Fixed an issue where the whitelisting IP range was not storing the IPs within the range for single sign-on (SSO).

  • Fixed an issue where the order history was being cut off at the bottom of the Orders page.

  • Fixed an issue where "linked upsells" were not showing the order details, even if the order was created with linked upsells.

  • Fixed an issue where declined orders placed through PayPal V2 were being marked as approved.

  • Fixed an issue where the "Force Next Gateway by Order IDs" V2 method was not applying to orders created 8 months ago or more.

  • Fixed an issue where the Contacts page was showing subscriptions as active when they were not active.

  • Fixed an issue where Subscription Credits were throwing redundant order history notes when the subscription was in salvage.

  • Fixed an issue where the parent order was not being archived after successfully rebilling.

  • Fixed an issue where the "sub total" within the API "order_view" response was accounting for applied discounts. The sub total will now show the amount before any discount was applied.

  • Fixed an issue where deleting users from one SSO group within the Portal resulted in those users being deleted from all SSO groups.

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