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System Reliability and Performance Improvements
System Reliability and Performance Improvements

The following article outlines changes that has recently implemented to improve our platform's reliability and performance

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Moved product releases to off-peak hours

We have expanded our internal coverage and shifted release cycles to roll out new software updates or versions during non-business hours, such as during evenings or weekends. This strategy should minimize disruptions to users as there is typically less usage or demand for the software in these time slots.

Implemented an automated on-call and monitoring system

We have implemented a new automated system that assigns on-call team members to respond quickly to incidents during specific time periods outside of normal business hours.

Moved to read-only clusters

By separating read and write operations across our server clusters, we can improve overall system performance. Read-only server nodes can handle larger numbers of read requests than read-and-write nodes.

We are always working to improve the stability and reliability of our platform.

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